epik is an international communication and marketing agency. We use an integrated, cross-channel approach - utilizing the synergy of PR, Social Media, Sports Marketing and Entertainment – to boost brand awareness and achieve your marketing goals.

PR & Media Communication

For us, Public Relations is part of a company’s overall communications strategy, notably contributing to building a relation between a company and the public. Besides plain press work, PR is a versatile tool to generate awareness, reach new target groups, build costumer trust, and create transparency.

The requirement for any successful PR work is effective media communication. For this purpose, it is crucial to have high quality media contacts (media relations) as well as being able to generate and distribute valuable content (storytelling). epik boasts an exclusive media contact list to leverage media coverage, keeping in mind blending classic PR and social media. While it used to be primarily specialized and daily press journalists, these days bloggers and video content creators are equally important distributors

PR & Kommunikation
Digital Communication

Faster, more up-to-date, and more interactive – digital communication has fundamentally changed everyday life and consumer behaviour. Companies that aren’t using social media effectively are having a hard time being in exchange with the public.

We identify the relevant social media outlets for our clients, define measures and key performance indicators and create captivating stories with relevant content to reach the right audience.

Digitale Kommunikation
Corporate Publishing

Having its own media (self-promotion) is essential for a company. They are a great tool for cultivating an image and offer additional value for customers. Without being perceived as advertising, they elegantly contribute to customer retention.

From customer and in-house magazines, to blogs and video tutorials and even your own app – together we will identify your demand for corporate publishing measures and support you to produce high quality content. We will advise you on matters of corporate design and make sure you will find the right balance and effective interplay between print and digital media. 

Coporate Publishing
Brand Consulting

The brand is undoubtedly the most important influencing value for a successful enterprise. It is your promise to the customer and shows the public who you are (brand DNA), what you have to offer (brand utility) and how you present yourself (brand image). A strong brand identity will earn you the spotlight, a strong story will earn your customer’s heart. Together we will analyze your brand in detail and develop a distinct (re-)launch strategy. epik guarantees a focused (re-)imagining of your brand – from positioning (identifying brand identity and conceiving a branding), to sending brand signals (media, testimonials), to creating brand experiences.

Brand Consulting
Sports Marketing

The enthusiasm of the fans, the dedication of the athletes – in these emotions lies the immense economic potential of modern sports marketing. Emotion equals cognition: Emotional events leave a lasting impression and are catalysts for a long-term relation. Especially sports sponsorship plays a key role in communication. It benefits from wide acceptance and a commonly strong interest in sports of the consumer. It’s the perfect stage for a company to tell its story and initiate positive image creation and transfer.

epik can design a strategic road map for its clients as part of a communicative master plan. We will advise you on target group oriented sponsoring and support your sponsorship activation (targeted communication across all relevant channels). You will benefit from our expertise in the sports world, a strong network and reliable partnerships.


In a time of information overload it becomes increasingly difficult for companies to generate attention. Well staged events are an integral part of any communications strategy to strengthen your brand image. Be it for a whole campaign or singular events, we consult with you about choosing the right testimonial, use our network to win your favored brand and event ambassador and design a pertinent PR strategy for optimal integration (media events, interviews, social media presence, statements etc.). Because there’s no good story without a face.


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